Focus on your customers, we'll take care of your notes

BlitzIQ is the collaborative note taking app designed to help customer-facing teams be more productive.

Connect your team's workspace to Salesforce and your sales process

No more jumping between apps

BlitzIQ intelligently associates your meeting notes to the right opportunity and lets you update critical fields directly from your notes.

Streamline account collaboration

Eliminate information silos by centralizing your team's notes, documents, and Salesforce data.

Standardize your sales process

Create custom note templates to help your team consistently document customer needs, hand off accounts, and strategize to win deals.

Gain visibility into your team's customer activity and productivity

Effortlessly track your team's customer meetings

BlitzIQ automatically captures your team's calendar meetings, intelligently associates them with the right opportunity, and presents them in a single dashboard for managers to monitor.

Data-driven management with activity analytics

Track team and individual productivity with meeting numbers across configurable time periods. Identify top performers and coaching opportunities based on real data.

Integrates with the tools you already use!